Rohani Problems


MSee if anyone has reason to curse you. Examine your reasons for thinking you might have been cursed. Is there someone out there who wishes you ill? Why? It’s unusual to be cursed by someone you don’t know, so chances are if you’re cursed, it’s because someone you know has a problem with you. Here are the most common types of curses and hexes someone may have cast upon you: Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly: Love hex, making you fall in love when you don’t naturally want to.


By use of Wazifa for husband-wife dispute we could increase love regards between wife as well as husband. Wazifa can be quite ancient time vidhi to obtain a better solution. We can see everywhere many household wifes, are receiving depression in your house due to hubby quarrel habits. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:The Prophet said,“If I were to order anyone to prostrate himself before another, I would have ordered a woman to prostrate herself before her husband.”[At-Tirmidhi]

Love Marriages( man pasand shadi)

What was the first relation that was descended on earth? It was the relation of husband and wife in the form of the couple of Hazrat Adam (AS) and Hazrat Eve (AS). Allah has created this relation not only as a means for the continuity and propagation of the human race but also as a legitimate way for the mental, physical and sexual satisfaction of the spouses.

Court case problem istikhara

Shouldn’t you try your hand at business as it involves risks and losses? How can you become a successful businessman in less time and with smart work? Let’s learn it here through the Wazifa for business. Though involving risk and stress, business is the promising and preferred source of income for a large population in the world.

Rohani Health Problems

There is a well-known adage, “Health is wealth” but, I think, it falls a bit short of highlighting the real importance of health. You may disagree but it is an undeniable fact that all the joys and pleasures of the world lose their meaning if you are suffering from a physical or mental disorder. If this be true, you can say that perfect health is one of the most precious and the loveliest things in the world.


Being jobless or having no work to do makes you valueless in the society. A jobless person has to depend on others for their survival and they often have to face disgrace. You are also likely to suffer from poverty. Poverty, on the other hand, is a dangerous thing. The Holy Prophet (SAW) prayed to Allah to save him from poverty in the following words:“O Allah! I seek refuge in You from (the curse of) poverty and disbelief

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